Albany Fine Art represents the most exciting student artists on the Edinburgh art scene today

About Us



Albany Fine Art was establised in 2022 to supply fresh, exciting student works of art at affordable prices to collectors and those new to buying art. With a focus on students currently studying at the Edinburgh College of Art, Albany Fine Art represents a carefully curated group of young, talented artists. Each artist represented has their own style, expressing a certian poignancy and technical mastery of their medium. 

We work directly with our artists while allowing them to develop professionally, providing support and encouragment when a work is complete and ready to be sold. Albany Fine Art benefits the artist by providing a platform to sell their works, as well as connecting collectors with up and coming artists with their whole career in front of them. 


Bringing the Art to You


Art Consultancy

Albany Fine Art will advise you on what to buy. If a painting or work of art is fresh to the market or if a new artist is being represented by us, we will inform clients about any exciting developments. We can give you an intoduction to buying art or help you find works that fit with your existing collection.

We only select the best artists and most interesting works. Curated from student exhibitions, graduate shows and often directly from the art studios, Albany Fine Art ensures that buyers have access to new and innovatve works of contemporary art to enjoy for years to come.  

Art Curation

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"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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